Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why this post might lack in lucidity: Snow & sickness = Ultimate fun!

So, I've fallen in a pit of despair. It happened two days ago. I had a pretty average day, you know work, class, work, drive home, nearly dying on the snowy-icy-slick road connected to my driveway. I felt a little . . . drained perhaps . . . all day, but whatever. I had enough energy to make apple and blueberry pancakes for dinner (which were delicious) along with sunny-side up eggs, and even put forth the effort to binge on some bacon. It was a nice meal. John and I love breakfast for dinner, and since I haven't had the time to even make breakfast in the morning for quite awhile, it was a nice change of pace.

Then, without notice, it happened. Yes, it's true, I projectile vomited. Turns out, as I later find out the next day at the doctor's office, I have the flu. So watch out, my fever seems to have subsided for a bit, but I'm still quite sick and writing this in one of my semi-lucid, awake phases. Of course, John keeps pumping me full of broth (egh!) and fluids, so I expect a quick recovery. He's also quite quick to point out that "he-told-me-so," when I, in a fit of lethargy, consciously decided not to get my flu shot, stating "I am superwoman. I have genes of steel," and noting that as a result of my given tendency of a child to touch every thing, disease ridden or otherwise, I have built up my immunities to all forms of sickness.

Obviously, this is not true. It's especially ironic given my proneness to shingles outbreaks and other forms of viral attack. Even more is my tendency to fall more often than not, which results in the slew of broken, sprained, and all-in-all injured body parts I have experienced over the years.

Well, now its off to sleep for me (again) and maybe when I awake up I talk John into making more apple and blueberry pancakes, since the ones I did eat didn't exactly stay in my system.


lovey said...

good grief! everyone i know is getting sick. i hope you feel better soon!

Eve said...

I"m feeling much better now! Thanks for the wishes of health, I need as many as possible!