Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Brief Post For Today: What I Have Been Doing the Last Months in Narnia.

Okay. Well, I'm writing this a couple days later than I said I would be in my last post, but really, who cares that much? I've been doing well I suppose, and after reading the last of my series of posts, I suppose I should write to say that John and I have since, finally and successfully moved into the new home, which I can say for both of us was quite a relief. The place turned out rather nicely, I suppose, and of course, the only thing John was really ecstatic about was the new kitchen with new appliances . . . but I can't really blame him for that . . . the new appliances are quite . . . wonderful.

Other than the move in, I had disastrous set back halfway through May involving my computer and a complete crash and burn. I lost all my files. All my work. All my papers. Research. Oh, and not to mention 40 GB of music. I was only thankful enough that I had had the smarts to back everything up on an external hard drive . . . so, really, I didn't lose anything. But it was a pain to transfer everything back onto the system, so I suppose I can complain about that.

Other than those two events, I doubt anything else of certain importance has occurred. Right now, I'm on vacation, staying with my brother in Missouri, to which all I can say is, woot. I have only been here for a week, but I now understand why I never wanted to live in the boondocks of Missouri. Sep is currently residing in a rundown farmhouse in the middle of now where, with at least 50 acres to all sides free of civilization. The reason I am here? Well, Sep thought it would be "a good idea" for me to "get some clean clean air" as his two day stop up here in KC, in the days before we went on our trip to the Caribbean, gave him the impression that his air was somehow better than my air. I think its just his ego, but he'd never admit to it.

Anyways, I'll be leaving sometime next week from this . . . place . . . and until then I am going to try and enjoy the scenery . . . maybe. John is still back in Kansas and as he says in on the tele is "enjoying the quiet peace of a place without me." I think we both hope he's joking

I'll write again later, with the promise that I will try not to leave with such a lapse of time spanning in between my postings. Oh, and I'm going to post some pictures as well, because . . . everything needs to have an image of the fields of cattle currently surrounding me . . . not that I find cattle particularly interesting, but I think this page needs to be livened up with something more . . . different and interesting. Okay?