Monday, July 21, 2008

Lying, Visiting, Boring: Why These Things are the Essence of Me.

Ah. Sheesh.

I know. I know. I know. I lied.

In my last post, which came after what one might call a "long period of no-posts", I promised to speed everything back up to its more frequent pace, and as I am aware now, that promise never came true. It has been more than a month, I believe, since I last wrote . . . and well I suppose I would be lying again if I said that a lot has happened.

After leaving the farmland of Missouri, much to my brother's dismay, I came back home . . . went to work . . . and back again to the home. . . and well . . . you get the gist. I could say that I have been well, and John too, but there is something quite unsatisfying in writing those bland words. So rather, I am going to examine some of the other . . . happenings of my life.

So, what to write? Oh, a couple weeks ago, my birthday passed. It was okay. I didn't celebrate it. It happened on the same weekend that John and I went over to St. Louis to visit and vacation with his family. I'd be lying (once more) if I said that I had been looking forward to this occasion, since the last time I met the relatives and peoples of his family, was last winter when everybody was asking me when we were going to get married . . . and I hastily killed that thought in thier minds by saying that we were in no way "together" . . . and now . . . we had just bought a house and were living "together" . . . really what kind of message does that send? Well, I'll say it did make everything a tad bit more awkward than it should have been . . . his grandmother wouldn't talk to me (even if I couldn't understand her) and just kept giving me one of those "I-told-you-so" looks.

We did however happen to go to a most splendid garden . . . full of the most beautiful flora a person could ever lay their eyes on . . . well, not really, but it was rather pretty . . . I, myself, am still partial to the Bellengrath Gardens in Alabama, that I have had a chance to see many times over. These, compared to them, were sub-par.

Well, I suppose I should leave now and figure out how I am going to stay on track with this whole blog thing . . . whatever, yeah.