Monday, April 2, 2012

A brief announcement: Why I hate 80% humidity.

April has arrived! In the midwest this would mark the beginning month of rising temperatures and the ushering in of summer. In fact, after the numerous correspondances from friends and colleagues in the "land of my previous residence," this has already begun to occur with weeks of high temperatures and sunny days. In the northeast however, April is turning out to be much like March. Hopefully it stays this way, I am not one for the 110 degree and 80% humidity days of Kansas. On a good note, I did have a recent bought of travelling (for only a short period) to the southwest. While attending a conference, I made sure to soak up as much sun as possible. While the weather was still a little chilly there (despite being a desert, I know), I still managed to come back home a little more dryer and tanner. This aside, there hasn't been much to report. My bones are healing still and John is becoming increasingly impatient (even though he would never admit it) with my constant need for him to open jars and other such stuff for me.