Monday, October 19, 2009

Household Cleaners, Spare Spaces, and a Missing Honda: Why I am giving up on welcoming strangers into my home.

So, after I came back from Europe in the summer, I got a little crazy and decided to rent out a couple of rooms in the house put less pressure on myself for the upkeep. Before it was just John and I, but we have since added two more people. The first was Dmetris, who moved in all the way back in August. He's a new grad student on campus and was looking for a place to stay, and I offered, naturally, after knowing him for only a couple of hours. This judgement has worked out on my part because, he's a wonderful housemate (even better than John) and acts as a live-in cleaner, for when I do not have the time to pick up after myself.

Since this decision worked out so well and because we had another available room, I decided mid-September to take on another housemate who needed a place to stay. She has not worked out so well and of course last night I was tasked with the awkward position of telling her she would half to move out by the end of the month. Of course, John and Dmetris has been pushing me to give her the boot since the beginning of October, but I thought if I delayed it they might forget about it and I wouldn't have to feel so badly about booting someone to the curb. However, things just got to a point where I couldn't deal with her anymore.

At first it was just the little things that bugged me (and I suppose the others as well). She was a little confrontational and combative, which made everything a struggle. I mean the second night after she moved in she threw a tiff about my cooking habits, relaying quite adamantly that I should prepare meals the whole house would enjoy, not just to satisfy the whims of my taste buds. It was kind of irksome.

Then, she started "borrowing" things. First, it was just pencils, paper, books. She didn't ask, and since they were such menial things I didn't bother to say much. Second, it was clothes, scarves, and coffee mugs. She didn't ask, and since they didn't were just aesthetic things I didn't bother to say much. Third, it was flash drives, printers, and laptops. She didn't ask, and I got a little angry. I mean any reasonable person would, when they go into their office and realize someone has taken off with their laptop without leaving a note. So, I gave her the "leave-my-personal-belongings-alone-speech" and she pretended to listen and agree.

So, Saturday, I wake up. For the day, I'd planned to go the market with John and then we were going to head out west a little for a day of hiking and picnicking to enjoy the splendor of the arrival of fall. I get everything packed up, hiking boots, picnic basket, yummy delights. Then we leave, or at least we were about to. As we walked out the door, down the front steps, and along the pathway, I realized something: my car was missing. Frantic, thinking my nearly new Honda Insight has been boosted, run through the list to possibilities, while interrogating a sleepy Dmetris about its whereabouts. Then we get a phone call. It's her. She's been in an automobile accident where she reared-ended someone at a stoplight, and of course, she wasn't in her vehicle, but mine.

Let's just say, she got booted immediately once the tow truck brought her and my slightly dented car home. Then I had her cut me a check for the damages. Anyways, thats what I dealt with this weekend. Afterwards, on my semi-anger driven buzz I made some excellent spinach quiche, put on some Sonic Youth, and made a day of it.