Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why I can't find the solution to life: Secrets & an ending era.

I feel as if for the past months I've been distant and as a result have neglected posting any of my experiences. Well, what can I say? A new year has passed, I spent the holidays with John's family as always, being sure to take my fill of the annual lutefisk feast. Finally a holiday passed without his mother (or any other family members for that matter) berating me about when John and I will finally marry and produce half-Norwegian, half-French Canadian (and Native) babies. I think John must have said something to them to make them not, he knows how uncomfortable it makes me. From that the new year passed, with a silent house (besides John and I), as all of our boarders have finally left and I have felt no need to replace them. We played our annual scrabble games (I won with a thudding defeat this year, unlike the previous) and relaxed with yummy delights and John mellow double bass tunes.

I'm finishing up my work at the university this semester, and after that I don't exactly know what my plans will be, or I should say "our" plans since John has already voiced his full preparation to pick up and move with, to wherever life takes me. I've already had some offers, on coasts doing research or otherwise. They seem . . . fulfilling. However, I really don't know. I kind of just want to take some time off a few months so that I don't have to think about . . . anything. Eh, whatever. I'm sure in the coming months everything will become quite clear. Maybe? Hopefully?

On the other note, if you didn't realize it from my statement about the empty house and my lack of boarders, with the holidays my brother finally left our presence. He's went back to Seattle to reclaim his dusty house and own squeaky (and in his words, more comfortable) bed. I was partially relieved, but not because I disliked my brother as a boarder. He was actually quite welcomed as a breath of fresh air from our past occupants. What I did despise were the constant telephone calls from his neurotic girlfriend (even though, she's actually really neat), because yes, Sep has (or maybe had by now) a girlfriend of many, many, many months that I didn't discover until his accident. It was quite a secret when it came out . . . makes me wonder what else he's hidden. Hm?