Friday, September 17, 2010


My brother, Sep, has finally been released from his hospital stay, to go out and rejoin the rest of society. I have to say I haven't ever heard him so ecstatic during a phone call before. I guess that's what weekly hospital meals will do to you. I first thing he did when he got out, apparently, was have our other brother Noel drive him to get a steak. I don't think I've ever seen Sep eat steak. He's more of a broccoli and mushroom kind of person.

Anyways, he's flying out here this Sunday to stay indefinitely, as of now. He hasn't exactly planned what he wants to do with his life now, and is still mandatorily recovering with his job, so why not? But . . . uh, hopefully, he doesn't plan on eating steak here. I don't do steak.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pavement? I prefer dirt roads, actually.

I saw Pavement last night, which basically equalled amazing and a notable mention, but I did happen to consume too much alcohol in moments of frivolity. So, I suppose now I'm going to make some strong coffee and shower vigorously, again. Concerts somehow always make me feel unclean.