Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An ending that, naturally, comes with a vacation.

Wow. In another week, one more semester, in a long succession of semesters, will be complete. Classes will have ended. Finals will be over. I won't have to worry about another office hour for nearly three months. Also, for once I'm not devoting the whole of my summer break to work. I'm going on vacation, an actual vacation, where all I do is mope about relaxing and drinking frilly mojitos. The thought of it makes me jitter with anticipation. I know I travel quite a bit anyway, for work or family or holiday, whatever reason sharing a thought out agenda, but there's something about going somewhere without strict purpose that brings joy to my heart. I don't know exactly where or how I will be vacationing (as of the moment, I'm thinking a southwest road trip) but the one known is that I won't be collecting field samples, spending gratuitous time with members of my family, or sitting through boring lectures. Another known and obvious plus, John will be on holiday as well, so he gets nominated to do most of driving. Woot.