Friday, February 18, 2011

It's like I stepped out into summer: Why the sky cleared and the snow melted away.

Well, it feels like less than two weeks has passed since I was stuck in bed with the flu while the great old Midwest was shaken with the blizzard of a lifetime. Then we come to now, where I have bypassed an entire week of sunny 65 degree weather, people breaking out the springtime shorts, and the nineteen-year-old girls breaking out their sleazy hooker dresses.

Ah, yes! Springtime has arrived for a week. Today, I felt so much like my old self that I popped out my trainers and went running. When I got back, I felt so inspired that I cooked up a storm (naturally, to consume all the calories I just burned off), making eggy's in a basket (the greasy kind) and chopped fruit parfaits. Oh, how I love to indulge? 


lovey said...

oh, sleazy hooker dresses. what would life be without you?

Eve said...

Hahahaha (for some reason, your comment made me giggle for at least a couple of minutes).

I think its because I can hear myself saying the same thing in my head.