Thursday, February 23, 2012

Broken bones and a poorly put business suit: Why it's snowing in the great Northeast.

I haven't written in a while, so here's an update on why. Once more I have fallen into the pit of woe that is my life. A few weeks back, I went for a walk in the forest surrounding the outskirts of our comely little seaside farm. It was relaxing . . . up to a point. About halfway through I ended up tumbling down a gully, which inevitably resulted in the breaking of my arm/wrist/hand. Apparently, when I fall, I fall hard. 

With my bone jutting from the skin and the soundless screams of horror from my mouth, John reverts into some wilder-man and hauls me out of the forest to our automobile in seemingly seconds. Since the fall, my arm has been 1) reset into its original positions, 2) casted and bandage up past the elbow and 3) developed a unbearably itchy layer of dead skin cells from lack of sun and moisturizer. When I'm at home I use a variety of pencil-esque objects to scrape the dead cells out. One particular morning when I was doing this, a seemingly larges about of skin flakes fell out and I exclaimed to John, "Look! It's snowing!" He did not find it as hilarious as I did. 

So in addition to being kinda gross, I've also had quite a few battle trying to 1) write with a cast, 2) types with a cast, 3) get dressed with a cast and 4) look professional with a cast. The latter of the four was probably the hardest. I just got back from a conference in the southwest last weekend, and the whole time I felt overwhelmingly childish. Anyways, I suppose I'm writing this post now as a good preface for getting my cast removed in the coming weeks. Until then, I will try to enjoy it; otherwise, all is well on the  northeastern coast. 

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