Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back, eh?

Well, I'm back. No more Seattle. No more hospitals. No more readjusting wound gauze. But I guess now it's back to another semester. Woot, eh?


AJ said...

Hey Eve. Have not landed on your blog for like 6 months or more (Andy from Prince Edward Island here by the way). I changed by google name. Anyway, my wife and I are now officially NGO's and that irrigation we have been testing in west Africa is seeing us set up a project for 2000 families in Mali. We are consulting and directing the work for They are new On the block and the website is still being designed. I'll be their director of community development in Mali. Anyway, you have a good fall at school. I'll be reading up on your blog the next day or so while at sea. This being a fishing Captain has it's days. Cheers to you.

Eve said...

Hello Andy!

Wow, your life sounds so eventful. I'm happy for you and all of the new work you'll be able to do in the future, sounds amazing. I just trying to stay afloat, with work and life. The new semester has started off slowly, thankfully. I'm just trekking away trying to get a much done as possible before things get really hectic. Well, have fun at sea, and it was nice to hear from you.

Ciao, Eve